• The Band

    Holland’s premier Queen Tribute Band

    Queen Forever will surprise anyone with their fantastic interpretation of the legendary British rock-formation Queen. The band throws a 100% live show and plays all your favourite Queen songs during their two hour performance. Even the rock-classic ‘Barcelona’ will be played and of course epic Queen-anthems like ‘Innuendo’ and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. As the band tries to sound like the original members of Queen, they don’t shy away from dressing up like them too.

    Of course any good Queen Tribute needs a professional Freddie imitator. Our Freddie, in real-life Timothy Drake, competed in 2009 on the Dutch RTL4-show “My name is..” and came in second. After that the band got together and did a lot of touring through the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Germany and Mexico. Timothy even had the honor to perform before the British Embassy in Kuwait, which is a testament to his credibility as Freddie.

    On and on, this act you have to see, hear and experience!

    Timothy Drake as
    Freddie Mercury
    Jouke Westerhof as
    Brian May
    Tim Wensink as
    John Deacon
    Tim Beudel as
    Roger Taylor
    Jeffrey Revet as
    Spike Edney
    Linda Kinsbergen as
    Montserrat Caballé / backing
    Kristian Salisbury as
    David Bowie / backing
    • WTC Expo Leeuwarden (NL)
    • Koninklijke Haagse Golf en Country club Wassenaar (NL)
    • Pro Duo Barcelona (ESP)
    • Spa St. Mellions Cornwall (UK)
    • British Embassy Kuwait (KUW)
    • Live Music Club Milano (IT)
    • Maaspoort Den Bosch (NL)
    • Underground Lelystad (NL)
    • Kite Festival (NL)
    • TT Assen (NL)
    • Chillin’ Fields Zevenhuizen (NL)
    • Business Club Rotterdam (NL)
    • Rodahal Kerkrade (NL)
    • Meerpaaldagen Dronten (NL)
    • Boeskool Oldenzaal (NL)
    • Ijsselhoeve Doesburg (NL)
    • Blommenkindersfestival Roosendaal (NL)
    • RTL “My name is” TV (NL)
    • Mexico City “Mi nombre es” TV (MEX)
    • RTL Deutschland “meine name ist” TV (DE)
    • Nacht van Steenwijk (NL)
    • Nahetal Arena Gensingen (DE)
    • Joppe Festival Friesland (NL)
    • Kampioensfeest RSC Anderlecht Stadion (BE)
    • ‘t Bölke Enschede (NL)
    • Noorderlicht Schaijk (NL)
    • Kampioensfeest FC Twente NAC Stadion Breda (NL)
    • Kasteeltuin Concerten Helmond (NL)
    • Q-Music (NL)
    • Babbels Live Krommenie (NL)
    • Senf Theaterpartners (NL)
    • I Want To Break Free Theatertour 2016-2017 (NL)